About Me

My first son came as a surprise at sixteen. While I dove into motherhood, I followed the routine care suggested to me and didn’t question my providers. The pregnancy was easy, but I had no idea what to expect. I was unsatisfied with my birth and postpartum experience. I swore I would have a birth I was happy with if I were to have another child. From there I started learning more about birth options and educating myself.¬†Two years to the day I found out I was expecting again after trying for a what seemed like forever, and a miscarriage. The pregnancy was hard, but I felt more informed and active in my care choices. Despite this I did not have the birth or postpartum I had hoped for. Shortly after the birth I was at a baby expo, where browsing the booths I met a birth doula and photographer. After learning more about doulas and their role in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum I was drawn to it but not ready to be away from my kids. I used the time to continue expanding my knowledge until I started my formal training in 2016 during my pregnancy with my third son.


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