About Me

I am a mom of three boys. Yes, three. Yes, it is chaos. Yes, my hands are full. I love it.

Brayden, my easy going, dinosaur obsessed five year old.


Easton, my wild child (2).


Greyson, a whole 4 weeks.


Me and my partner, Greg, have been together since 2010. We’ve got our dog Charlie, and two cats to add to the zoo. Most of my days revolve around our zoo!

Between breastfeeding, cloth diapers, extended rearfacing, and babywearing, it is no secret I’ve always been pretty “natural” in my parenting.

I’ve breastfed the boys for two years each, this time around I am even pumping to donate to those struggling to produce enough but still want the benefits. I am still using cloth diapers, I have some of my first diapers from when I started even. Easton is rearfacing at 2.5.

While I’m passionate about all these things, I don’t share about it often. In fact I tend to be pretty quiet in general. One of the other things I don’t post nearly enough about is my love for pregnancy and birth. With three kids is that really a surprise though?

I found myself unsatisfied with Brayden’s birth, and while Easton’s was better it was still not what I wanted. Shortly after Easton was born I met a doula. While it was a little late to hire one, I found something I could see myself doing for a long time. Not only doing but enjoying.

For the better part of two years I’ve been learning about the process, getting a jump start on the required reading, and last year finally started my training.

I had the pleasure of having another great doula attend and support my birth with Greyson. It gave me a whole new perspective on birth and even more excited to start once I am done soaking in the short phase of babyhood.


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